Psyched about WE3

Matthew Miller makes a fascinating connection between WE3 and Freudian psychology here.

Grant Morrison is pretty big into psychology.  I had a friend tell me about his use of Jungian psychology or something along those lines in his comics…The three main characters can somewhat be ascribed to the Freudian ideas of the id, ego, and superego.

I’m not sure about Freud, but I did notice a tenuous link between WE3 and Carl Jung. On page 50 of WE3 one of the small insets has a soldier’s helmet with a peace symbol drawn on it.

It’s not unlike the image made famous by the theatrical release poster for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

Whenever Jung’s name is invoked, I think of this movie. More specifically, this scene:

Is it mere coincidence that Morrison and Quitely chose to use that image? Or is it an “easter egg” reference to FMJ and hence “the duality of man”?